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Row Ten
Research and experimentation led us to this blend. Called "the best of both worlds", our classic French Chardonnay and Rhone Viognier are fermented to produce a wine exploding with floral aromatics and a fresh tropical fruit palate. Clean, crisp, refreshing, it heralds Spring's warmth and soothes summer's heat with any meal.

A superior white wine with aromas of apricot and citrus hailing from the Rhone valley of France. Our stainless steel fermented bottling is bursting with a citrus fruit palate while our barrel fermented winner is full-bodied and pairs well with many foods. made in the French style of unfiltered wines, this wines spends 9-12 months aging in barrel before bottling. The closest match to a French Condrieu made in America.

Estate Chardonnay
One of the finest Chardonnays in the area, the Estate Chardonnay shows citrus flavors reminiscent of California Chards. During the 24 months in French Oak barrels, a true winner is born.

Rheingold Reserve Chardonnay
A taste of France here in Southwest Virginia can be found with the Rheingold. Similar to a French White Burgundy like a Grand Cru Chablis, the Rheingold is a full bodied white with butteriness and oakiness to boot. Barrel fermented in French Oak and aged 22 months before bottling, this wine will take you for an adventure back to the Old World.

Dry Rose
Unheard of and under appreciated in the United States, there is nothing to compare to a true dry rose. Patterned after those roses of Southern France, this rose is made of 100% Sangiovese. By the technique of Saigee, this wine captures the strawberry fruit-flavor of fully ripened red grapes without the tannins of its fraternal brothers. Served chilled and paired with all foods, it is a chef's secret for successful al fresco dining, picnics or brunches.

The strength of any vintage is best appreciated when you understand that we produce this 100 percent Sangiovese in the true Tuscan style. Dark in color with dense cherry fruit, this spicy wine will push any pasta to its fullest potential. Silky tannins and a succulent finish win over the most dedicated white wine drinker. Great with food, this makes the perfect hostess gift.

On the heels of the great French producer Cheval Blanc, our Cabernet Franc/Merlot blend emulates the master. Truly endowed with French-style aromas of good mother earth, this gracious fruit yielding to harmonious tannins make this the premier dinner wine of choice. Our most highly-rated and written-about wine may be difficult to pronounce but effortless to enjoy. For ease, try "Gott wine?," just like "Got milk?"

Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Cabs set new marks for ripeness and tannin maturity. Harvested in late October or early November, they spend 34-40 months aging in a combination of French and American Oak. These lusty dense wines show dark cherry fruit, cedar, spice, and sweet tobacco layer after layer. Velvet tannin feel on the palate, silky cocoa on the finish, these are passionate releases from this Cabernet Girl.

This is a big red wine that accompanies any meal. Aromas of spice, pepper and dark ripe fruit will be sure to evoke your senses into frenzy. Rich fruit, meaty texture and spice awaken your palate. If you like Australian Shiraz, you'll love our Syrah.

Great wine for the money. Thomas Jefferson found this grape growing wildly on his estate which brings a sense of pride among Virginians. Our organically grown grape with its tough skin needs not to be sprayed but rather to be left alone to blossom in the Virginia climate. Highly aromatic of plum and violet, it is dark in color and offers a wonderful flavor. A super everyday wine.

Alicante Bouschet
We are the only grower of this true red grape (the juice is actually red) outside the state of California. Alicante is opaque black in color reminiscent of ink with aromas of dark fruit, cassis, and tobacco. This full bodied wine compliments a cigar by magnifying the flavor tremendously. Come to our tasting room and enjoy a glass of this rarity.

Only the best barrels from each production make the final blending for this beauty. Assemblage of Cabernet Savignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Vedot, it reflects the top five Bordeaux varieties. Aged 40 months in French and American oak, this elegant wine earns the distinction of Virginia's best. Integration of dark fruits, tobacco leaf, cassis and cocoa is silky on the palate and lingers lushly. I present it with pride for your ultimate pleasure.

A blend in the classic Australian tradition of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah (same this as Shiraz) is making its first appearance at Valhalla Vineyards. The Cabernet gives depth and characteristics of a French Bordeaux while the Shriaz provides the wonderful aroma of dark black fruit and spice. Perfect with grilled meats, we find that this is a wine that you will find difficult to drink only one bottle.

Always a favorite, our striking Cornucopia embraces a distinctive wine that can elevate to pair with bold foods or soften to accompany milder foods. A red wine light enough for a white wine drinker but still with enough depth for a red wine drinker, the Cornucopia is a perfect addition to any family dinner or Thanksgiving Holiday.

Late Harvest Alcante Bouschet
Reviewed in barrel by professors and winery owners from Italy, Virginia state enologist and viticulturalist and many wine writers and winemakers, our Late Harvest Alicante was rated the top wine in our cellar. Ripe plum, current and raisin flavors abound with sweet anise interlaced. Rich and unctuous, it is "dessert in a glass".

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